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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

May 15, 2018

Multifamily Legacy  Episode 029 - It’s the Money or Real estate is the Vehicle, the Money is in the Money

Today, my guest is Jay Conner, a real dude who has raised an unbelievable amount of capital and money. He has no superpowers, but he did learn the power of raising private money.  

In this episode, we talk all about money. Years ago, Jay was told nasty smelling stuff is really the smell of money, so he looked for the nastiest, ugliest foreclosure he could find and ended up making $40,000. What could be better than being passionate about what you do and getting paid really well for it?

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Turning point in Jay’s career was when he went with private money because banks were no longer giving money for real estate investments in 2008-2009
  • Jay put getting private money on hyper drive; and didn’t raise, but attracted $2,150,000 in new funding in less than 90 days
  • Money comes from people he knows, and people they know
  • Once you get private lenders and build relationships, the problem is not having enough money but using the money and finding deals
  • Real estate is the vehicle, but the money is in the money
  • The Godfather Method: Go get the deal under contract and the money will show up, but Jay wants the money and then get the deal under contract
  • Corey’s Kahuna Boardroom is about finding money, deals, and operations
  • When talking to a new potential private lender, don’t ask them to make too many decisions initially, just talk about the program at first and discuss the deal later
  • Secret: Never ask for money; offer an opportunity for people to join your program
  • Let your tools help people get high returns on their investment capital
  • Jack Canfield’s Rule of 5: Do five things a day, five days a week to help move your business forward
  • Be authentic and be yourself; like attracts like - therefore, since you are not going to attract people who are not like you, then you should be you
  • Jay describes the differences between hard money and private money
  • Jay’s Offer: 5 easy steps to locating and doing business with existing private lenders  

Links and Resources Mentioned:


“When you develop the ability to raise capital, it will unlock so many things.” Corey Peterson

“I had a choice. I could quit, or I could remember, ‘I cannot fail unless I choose to quit.’ And failure was not an option.” Jay Conner

“I backed into this world of private money. I’m not talking about hard money.” Jay Conner

“Like attracts like - therefore, since you are not going to attract people who are not like you, then you should be you.” Jay Conner

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