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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Oct 9, 2018

Do you believe in yourself? What matters most to you? Money? A job? Car? There's two things that most of us crave in life. One is time, and the other is money. But what really matters is, life.

I couldn't have imagined what my life is like today. I started from nothing and went to a place where I make an extreme amount of money. I've tried to keep myself as grounded as possible, in family, friends, and things. But for so much of my life, I doubted myself. I never thought I was worthy of anything or anyone. You may be doubting yourself. That’s natural. It happens. Don't be afraid of it. The trick is that you've got to move away from self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Feed your brain and mind to grow; read books and listen to others
  • Once you get to the point where you start to know who you are, then accept it
  • Don’t compare yourself to others to only let self-doubt creep back into your life
  • Stay true to yourself; can be hard to do because of social media makes it easy to be someone that you're not
  • Have dreams, goals, and hopes, but don't be common; be extraordinary
  • Do you suffer from the “what-will-people-think” button?
  • Make no apologies - freedom that comes with this mindset lets you be authentic; although sometimes in life, you have to play the part, but remain true to yourself
  • Do people like, know, and trust you? You will attract the right people and repel everybody else
  • You don’t need to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but know how to find sharp people; you don't have to be the master of all things
  • Toot your own horn, but don’t brag; don't be ashamed of making money and telling the story of your company's success
  • Do you have to feel important, but it’s easy to feel unimportant? Find and focus on your uniqueness
  • No company will ever pay you what you're worth, so choose to be your own boss and start a company; real estate requires the least amount of time
  • Copy your way to success, but also find mentors and ask for help to avoid mistakes
  • Tell yourself every day that you can be or do something; don't ever quit because quitters never win

Links and Resources Mentioned:


“Start believing you can. Start telling yourself each and every day that you can because, eventually, you will. Don't ever, ever quit.” Corey Peterson

“I'm just me. Frankly, what you see is what you get.” Corey Peterson

“I have dreams, goals, and hopes. I don't want to be common. I want to be extraordinary.” Corey Peterson

“Your company is in business to make money so you don't ever have to be ashamed of making money and telling the story of your company's success.” Corey Peterson

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