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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

How can you build a good relationship with your mortgage banker? Were your expectations met?

Buying properties and looking for a perfect loan is a big deal. One key player in that process is your mortgage banker. They help and guide you through the process to have a smooth buying process.  Listen in and learn the benefits of having a solid relationship with your mortgage banker!


Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • DUS Lender: Direct relationship with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and HUD Loan with no middle man.
  • The power of Berkadia
  • Figure out your loan goals
  • COVID Scare: The impact of COVID on student housing projects
  • Importance of having a good mortgage ally: Above and beyond service
  • Do We have to personally guarantee a multifamily mortgage?
  • Multifamily: Best asset class and best debt in the market
  • Multifamily Asset: They perform well if managed correctly
  • Non performing asset: CAP rate vs Cash flow
  • Powerful aspect in real estate: The ability to tell a story


Links and Resources Mentioned:



"Lending world is always changing"- Corey Peterson

"Multifamily is the gift that keeps on giving"- Aaron Moll

"Boom! There's enough money chasing this sector. You can get non recourse on any type of loan that's out there"- Corey Peterson

"Multifamily  is some of the best debt in the market"- Aaron Moll



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