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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

155: How Hiring the Right People Makes All the Difference

Feb 23, 2021

When you want to scale your business, one of the biggest challenges is hiring new people. It would take a ton of your money, time, and resources just to get them up to speed to your business. 

Our show’s guest is no other than Tony Javier. He is known as one of the top Residential Real Estate Investors in the U.S. and a speaker/trainer. Tony started his Real Estate Investing career in 2001 in Wichita, KS but now resides in San Diego, CA while his team runs his Real Estate Investing operation back in Kansas. Tony now dedicates his time to helping other Real Estate professionals grow their businesses. He focuses on working smart by surrounding yourself with the best people, automating your processes and more importantly investing in the most important Real Estate you have; your mind.

Join us in our episode today, as our guest Tony Javier, talks about how hiring virtual assistants make his business run smoothly.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Tony’s background and how he started buying properties with no money down
  • How Tony raised his first private money
  • Tony talks about his failed partnerships
  • How hiring the right people made a massive change in his business
  • Tony’s recommendations when scaling up
  • Tony’s method in formulating their systems and procedures
  • What Tony would have done differently in his real estate journey


 Links and Resources Mentioned


Books mentioned:

. Who Not How by Dan Sullivan

. No Down Payment by Carleton H. Sheets



You have to have good people in your business” -Tony Javier

“Do what you say you’re gonna do, always leads to more money ” - Corey Peterson

“If you believe it, you can absolutely achieve it” – Corey Peterson 

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