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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

Underwriting requires good attention to detail and the ability to interpret data correctly. But once you get good at it, it's super fun to pick out some of the sweetest deals. Check out this episode with Issac Fleming and find out the most common mistakes people make when underwriting and tips on how to avoid them.

Topics on Today’s Episode

  • Color coding your numbers
  • Setting a strike price
  • Do you cut expenses to make a deal work?
  • Increasing rent
  • Calculating taxes for your properties
  • Setting exit cap rates
  • Verifying your numbers

About Isaac Fleming

Isaac Fleming is the Head Underwriter for Kahuna Investments LLC and Kahuna Wealth Builders.


  • ''If you're gonna do better, say you're gonna do worse on paper’’ - Isaac Fleming

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