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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

Getting stir crazy due to the COVID-19 crisis? The sooner we can get back to work, the better. About all you can control during this difficult time is your attitude. Stay positive.

Today, I'm talking about three mistakes that you must avoid in the multifamily space. There is no ‘Easy’ button. Doing the right thing involves communication, compassion, and community.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Mistake 1: Avoid accepting checks from tenants
  • Solution: Set up, register, and pay via automated clearing house (ACH)
  • Mistake 2: Avoid not owning your software
  • Solution: Install your software, then give access to management company
  • Mistake 3: Avoid paying bonuses for people doing their job
  • Solution: Pay bonuses for profitability and being proactive as incentive   

Links and Resources Mentioned:


“I cannot stress enough the power of having an ACH set up. You should be using it, you should adopt it, and you should make it just part of what you do.” - Corey Peterson

“It only makes sense to own your data.” - Corey Peterson

“Your profit’s made in your budgeting, in your staff, in your people, and your systems.” - Corey Peterson

“It should be a reward to get a bonus.” - Corey Peterson


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