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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jul 24, 2018

Today, my guest is RJ Bates of Titanium Investments. RJ started his career at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver. He worked his way up from shift manager to assistant manager, and then got his own restaurant.

RJ didn’t know what he wanted to do in his life and got stuck in a job. He wasn’t happy, and it wasn’t what he was meant to do with his life. He was a slave to the restaurant business. But he learned a lot of business skills and will never regret the time he spent with Pizza Hut. After he quit at Pizza Hut, he took a minimum-wage job at a golf course and cashed in his 401k from Pizza Hut to buy his first rental property that cash flows like no other. Now, RJ lives the life he wants and is in control of his own destiny!

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Being an entrepreneur and do what you need to do - fake it, till you make it
  • Becoming a Wholesaler: Purchased a house, did the work, and flipped it; but learned that being a wholesaler was the way to go and make money
  • Going from contracting to real estate investing; conquering the world, one residence at a time
  • What it takes to be successful is a sure will of determination; making a commitment to do something
  • Work on and research your craft, if you have questions, go look it up; reach out to others for guidance, and make help reciprocal
  • Understand your core vision and live your life according to it; follow what you want personally and professionally
  • An entrepreneurial environment is exciting and feels like anything is possible; determine what’s important and serves you
  • Be authentic and don’t try to be the smartest person in the room; be around like-minded people who are more successful than you
  • Titanium: RJ and Cassi’s favorite number are 22, and titanium is the 22nd element on the periodic table; building a brand using “Titanium”
  • Failure is not an option, but a way to success; you learn a lot about what you should’ve done for systems and processes when going into a new market
  • Focus on creating and diversifying passive income; Titanium does wholesale and rehab to make funds to keep the engine going to buy rentals
  • Going through tough times and struggling; change your journey through action, dedication, and tenacity

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“I actually cashed in my 401k money from Pizza Hut and bought my first property that I still own today. It’s a rental property and it cash flows like no other.” RJ Bates

“If you have a good deal, it’ll sell itself.” RJ Bates

“We’ve tried to conquer the world, one residence at a time.” RJ Bates

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