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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

May 7, 2019

Every day, businesses go bad and fail. Do you have the necessary skills to be successful? It all comes down to multi-tasking, delegating, and aces in places.

Today’s guest is Greg Dickerson, a handyman turned multi-millionaire in the real estate industry. During his 22-year career, Greg has bought, developed, and sold more than $200 million in real estate.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Greg’s Business Philosophy: Find great people, put them in the right position, let them do their job, and let them make mistakes
  • Self-education: Feed your mind to give it new ideas and fresh perspectives
  • Be a leader, delegator, and motivator; don’t be afraid to give up control
  • Hire or learn from the best to fast track your success and cut your learning curve
  • Let somebody else do it, so you can focus on finding and doing more deals
  • Get capital and funding to start by having businesses provide cash flow to invent
  • Relationships in Real Estate: Deals and opportunities come to you
  • Wisdom and Awareness: What you know now vs. what you didn’t know then
  • Work Ethic: When I’m in, I am all in; dig in and get dirty
  • Set up yourself, your staff, and your business for success
  • Find a building, reimagine it, and bring back the neighborhood
  • Greg’s Advice: Go out there and find the biggest deal you can and call Corey

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“I’m really good at discerning people and finding champions and coaching them to success. It’s been my business philosophy all through my life.” Greg Dickerson

“You’re feeding your mind and just giving it new ideas, fresh perspectives, and that’s really how you are able to probably lead so well.” Corey Peterson

“I have no trouble at all letting go of control. I’m a very good delegator. That’s my superpower.” Greg Dickerson

“Relationships are key. That’s actually the most important thing in life. The only thing you can take out of this world with you is somebody else’s soul.” Greg Dickerson

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