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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Sep 8, 2020

Are you stuck in your real estate business? Do you know what you're driven to accomplish? Success in the real estate industry is not just having great opportunities and good education. It is also about having the right mindset and correct habits that will create great success for your business.

In today's episode, the big Kahuna, Corey Peterson talks about how your mindset can change the game and who can determine your success or failure.


Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Mindset Matters: What you think, what you believe and the actions that you take along the way, are vitally important.
  • The Importance Of Mentorship: Be closer to the source where you can have some people positively influence you
  • Ask Yourselves: Who's your five friends? What do they possess?
  • Why Mindset Matters: What you tell yourself everyday does matter! Believe that you can do it!
  • Murphy's Law: The ones closest to you are the ones going to be the distractions.
  • Mind: Our mind is a super computer but the problem is we barely use it and were not using it full potential
  • What Is Courage: When you're scared but you go anyways
  • Entrepreneurship: We don't know the exact outcome of all the output but we have to have the courage to do it.
  • Limit The Mistakes: Surround yourself with mentors and the right people
  • The Right People For You: Successful people that are successful in multi-family real estate that are doing it right now!
  • What Matters:
    • Your Mindset
    • Who you are keeping in your Inner Circle
    • What you tell yourself daily
    • Your voice
  • Corey's Morning Motivation: "I'm a multifamily millionaire and investors are lining up to see me because I know how to control wealth and make it grow"
  • Student First And A Teacher Next: The more you teach what you know the better student you become!
  • Setting Up A Plan: Once you get good intel on how it works and what's the best practice, the goal is just to repeat the strategy
  • Fundamentals of Apartments:
    1. Finding deals
    2. Raising Money
    3. Operating to Success
    4.  Sell for a profit
  • What Drives Corey: Legacy Wealth


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"You are different, because you're the taking time to educate yourself"  - Corey Peterson  

"That which is easy, usually doesn't pay off, That which is hard, when you do it long enough, will make your life easy" - Corey Peterson  

"You can't change other, but you can change yourself" - Corey Peterson  

"You are never too good to be learning something new and then you're never too good to be teaching what you've learn"- Corey Peterson  

"You get power in telling people time and time again and you start to feel it and it comes to your body and you feel and it becomes a voice" - Corey Peterson  

"You can't skip steps, you have to put in the work" - Corey Peterson  

"You have to find somebody's system that works and then follow it through the tea" - Corey Peterson  

"I was relentless when it comes to execution I can take someone's plan and I will follow it exactly" - Corey Peterson  

"Failure is where the growth happen" - Corey Peterson  

"Failure is way bigger teacher than success" - Corey Peterson  

"Fail forward" - Corey Peterson  

"The more you fail the more you learn" - Corey Peterson  

"Don't worry about the HOW, you can get the how in lots of people, but you've gotta be hungry, you've got to be relentless. Your drive should be as important as air." - Corey Peterson  

"Plant a force and water that daily" - Corey Peterson  

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