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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Nov 16, 2021

Today we brought the third piece of the Warner Robins puzzle: The Capital Raiser. Check out this episode with Marck de Lautour to learn the benefits of building strategic partnerships and why you should look for value-add deals.


Topics on Today’s Episode

  • Qualities you should look for in a partner
  • The key to creating a collaborative partnership
  • What it takes to raise $5.6M in 30 days
  • Two factors that make a deal a good opportunity
  • How to create wealth through real estate


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About Marck de Lautour

Marck de Lautour is the CEO of SBD Housing Solutions, Kansas City’s largest full-service, turnkey real estate investment firm, and parent company to Best Offer KC and Silver Fern Properties. His team has flipped over 1100 homes in the KC metro since our inception in 2002. They purchase and remodel homes directly, saving time and costs while ensuring their expectations. Once their homes are move-in-ready their property management team takes over to alleviate the burden of overseeing tenants, allowing their investors to relax while building wealth through real estate holdings that will last beyond a lifetime. Leading with Core Values of Professionalism, Quality, Accountability, and Communication, SBD Housing Solutions has become America's leading provider of turnkey real estate.


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  • “When everybody understands their role and performs at a very high level in a partnership, that's when the magic happens. ” - Corey Peterson
  • “You don't get rich from what you earn, you get rich from what you own. ” - Marck de Lautour


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