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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

Hungry and eager to get your first deal after attending my Kahuna Boardroom? Believe in yourself. You know you’re going to make it work because you have to make it work. 

Today, I'm talking to David Rosenbaum, one of two Kahuna Boardroom students who did their first deal together and shares how it all went by breaking...

Feb 11, 2020

What’s your management company not telling you? They don’t care two cents about you, but they do care about their money. When you hire people and pay them well, they still never care as much as you do. 

How do you get them to care? Walk slowly, carry a big stick, and smile to let them know you’re in charge....

Feb 4, 2020

Listen up. By sharing all my mistakes, success, and failures, there are enough clues to pick up on that provide a clear path for you.

There are three things that you should pay attention to when it comes to deals in a competitive market. You need to have a performance clause in your contracts, make sure management...