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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Sep 25, 2017

Welcome to the multifamily apartments investing podcast, I am your host Corey Peterson. I am so excited to launch this podcast because it is going to do amazing things for people. I believe that what we do is done for sunsets and palm trees. We want to create the life we dream of, and we do that through apartments and cash flow. This podcast is for anyone who is tired of doing single family flips and doing it each and every year.

The power of cash flow and the vehicle of apartment investing has changed my life radically. Being in the apartment industry has been a great and inspiring journey. I just want you to know that you can buy these amazing assets and create a wealth like you have never known. Before I get into the main episode, go download my free video series that shows you how to get started in apartment investing using other people’s money.

Today, I am going to share who I am and what my story is. First off, I am a country boy at heart who grew up in West Plains, Missouri. I grew up on a farm, and I am quite proud of that upbringing because it made me the man and the investor that I am today. Out of High School I didn’t have any direction. I also didn’t have a degree, so I became a car salesman. I learned a lot about selling, but my future wife didn’t want to marry a car salesman. I called in all of the favors I could and ended up becoming a restaurant manager.

I then dabbled in restaurant sales. Before I got married, my mom invited me and my fiance to Hawaii. The trip was beautiful, amazing, and eye opening. Bruce, my stepdad, had a magical house in Hawaii. His house was on a cove that had a freshwater stream running into the ocean. He had the house, the cars, and the life. When I asked him what he did he said real estate. This was the beginning of my lifelong love of the potential and power of real estate investing.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • How I grew up in the Ozarks like the ones in Deliverance
  • The 5 years that I spent selling cars really taught me how to sell and communicate
  • How I went from selling stuff to managing stuff and what I learned in the process
  • A trip to Hawaii had a profound effect on my future and opened my eyes to the power of real estate
  • Bruce was a real estate investor in multifamily properties with cash flow
  • Starting with the dream as my goal and opening Kahuna Investments
  • Being a financial advisor for Edward Jones and my commitment story
  • How the best time to jump into real estate is at the bottom
  • Wrestling with the man in the mirror
  • The high stakes for the level of commitment I made
  • Searching for a real life mentor and taking massive action
  • Meeting Bob Norton by accident and wholesaling
  • Finding OPM other people’s money
  • Letting investors self select and asking who they know
  • How private money opened the opportunity for multiple deals
  • Funding my first apartment deal that I still own today
  • How there are multiple ways to get paid with apartments

Links and Resources Mentioned: