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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

What can help you in your business? A spouse who always supports your ideas—good or bad.

Today, Corey Peterson’s better half, Shelley, shares how to conduct face-to-face calls that attract passive investors. What to bring, what to say, and where to go?

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Supportive Spouse: Shelley’s full of grace and authority with great insight
  • Face-to-Face Call Structure: Opening, key points, objections, and close to action
  • Right Investors: Attract high-income producing professionals
  • Who to contact, or not? Specific and accessible professionals and offices
  • Goal: Obtain and provide informational/educational discussions for decisions
  • Prep and Packing: Visual aids, giveaways, and other fun stuff
  • Appearance: Look the part when representing your company, products, services
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Enter name, email, mailing address
  • Thank You: Send card, create tickler file, but don’t overwhelm customers

Links and Resources Mentioned:


“We all know that we should have some sort of real estate in your portfolio.”

“There are other ways that you can invest your hard-earned dollars.”

“I’m not peddling drugs. I’m peddling an earlier retirement.”

“People are people. They want to feel special, and they want to feel like they are important.”


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