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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

May 9, 2023

Ready to kickstart your real estate investing career? Look no further as we bring you Rick Gissler to take you on an exciting ride through his first deal and the fundamentals of real estate investing. Stay tuned to learn everything from raising capital to networking and branding now!


Topics on Today’s Episode

  • Advantages of having a great investing network

  • 3 key adjustments you should look into after your first real estate deal

  • Benefits of building good broker relations and ways to capitalize on it

  • Useful tips for real estate beginners

  • The significance of branding and self-marketing in establishing your real estate business


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About Rick Gissler

Rick is the founder and CEO of Blue Sky Multifamily Group. As the owner, Rick strives to provide his investors with stable cash flow returns in addition to long-term wealth generation by buying multi-family apartments. With a background as a Medical Research Professional and licensed Skydiver, he has a strong understanding of how to execute structured, creative solutions in a fast-paced environment, and add value to those around him. He feels the most alive and free when he's flying through the sky, and he uses multifamily apartments as a vehicle to help his investors pursue their good fortune & achieve their vision of freedom.


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