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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Oct 30, 2018

I’m going to share some pain stories to stress the importance of structuring deals and having great people surround you.

You can make multi-million-dollar deals, just like me. But I must admit that deals do not always go smoothly. After all, this is real estate, and anything can happen. So, you need to have a great legal team, which can make or break you in this business.  

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Who should be on your legal team? What should they do?
  • Don’t be billed by the hour, set up fixed pricing
  • Leverage: You have it, or you don’t
  • Value of history of closing
  • You can’t control how others (i.e. lenders) work and affect your deals; they work at their own speed and don’t care about your contract
  • University Crossings Deal: Number of leases required for 90% occupancy not reached for the lender; seller caused harm, extensions/expenses were needed
  • Catalina Village Deal: Lenders can mess up deals and delay the loan process
  • When things like this happen, cover your bases
  • Puppet Master: I’m in my cubby hole, unless a grenade needs to be dropped and crap needs to get done
  • I’m extraordinary at finding the right people; my team pulls together to complete deals and make me look good


“Legal teams can make or break you in the business.” Corey Peterson

“In this business - it’s real estate - anything can happen.” Corey Peterson

“When things like this happen, you’ve got to cover your bases.” Corey Peterson

“The only thing that I would say I am extraordinary at is that I know how to find the right people.” Corey Peterson

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