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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

May 11, 2021

To be successful in business and life in general, you need to be surrounded by honest and upright A-players. In today’s episode, we will bring you nuggets of wisdom on how loan brokers can help you and what kind of lenders to avoid. Join us and get some interesting insights into the lending business from our guest, Eric Stewart, the owner of Atlantic Business Capital, Inc.

Topics on Today’s Episode

  • Understanding the current lending market
  • Expectations on rates
  • Different types of loans
  • Creating a financial picture
  • What types of lenders to avoid
  • Role of communication

Link/Resource Mentioned

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About Eric Stewart

Eric Stewart is the owner of Atlantic Business Capital, Inc. a full-service commercial lending advisory & brokerage firm. Eric has been structuring finance solutions for both commercial real estate investors and business owners since 1996 with products ranging from equipment leases to commercial real estate loans as well as assumption representation & consulting. In addition to providing debt & equity solutions to commercial real estate investors, Eric currently holds partnership interest in multifamily assets throughout the Southeast & Midwest.

Connect with Eric


  • ‘’It’s all about cash flow’’ - Eric Stewart
  • ‘’Every loan is its own unique living thing’’ - Corey Peterson
  • “It’s all about long-term relationships” - Eric Stewart

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