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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jul 13, 2021

Real estate is a mind game. Having a ‘’do whatever it takes’’ mindset is crucial to make your deals work. Let’s get it on and learn how Tate Siemer got into his first deal and find out how he overcame the struggles of raising capital.

Topics on Today’s Episode

  • The importance of mindset
  • How can a podcast help your business?
  • Pros of attending conferences
  • What does it take to raise capital and get into syndication?
  • Can you improve people's lives by doing real estate?
  • Why you should get mentorship and develop personal growth

Books mentioned

About Tate Siemer

Tate Siemer is the visionary behind GreenLight Equity Group. Tate’s passion is improving (value-adding) high-density, multi-family developments and existing apartment buildings in such a way that maximizes the value of communities in order to provide solid, consistent returns to investors and well-being to residents. Tate works with sellers, wholesalers, lenders, money, partners, contractors, and many other contacts to coordinate a robust set of industry relationships. He hosts “The Apartment Guys Podcast” and serves on the Executive Board of the Utah Real Estate Investor Association.  He enjoys helping fellow investors and entrepreneurs through mentoring and coaching. 

Connect with Tate


  • ‘’Mindset will make you or break you’’ - Tate Siemer
  • ‘’You have to be a good student to be a good teacher’’ - Corey Peterson

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