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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

Are you tired of wearing all the hats in your business? It's time to grow your company! Dive into this episode as Corey shares the importance of being a visionary to scale your business and what to look for in an asset manager and a COO.


Topics on Today’s Episode

  • Does it take a big team to invest in multifamily?
  • The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant
  • Why you should look for a seasoned asset manager
  • How real estate companies afford their staff
  • Growing a business with partners vs. employees



  • ‘’Kahuna Investments’ mission is to partner with passive investors to create award-winning apartment communities that families love to call home. ’’ - Corey Peterson
  • ‘’People are one of our core values. Not only the people that we serve, the investors, the apartment communities, but also our staff. ’’ - Corey Peterson


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